How Long Are You Willing to Put Up With Your Dog’s Bad Breath?

Put us to the smell test! We guarantee freshness, but if your furry baby’s kisses aren’t getting sweeter by day, or you’re not completely satisfied, simply return the product to us for a FULL refund.

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What Causes Bad Breath In Dogs?

Bad Breath and Your Dog.

Bad breath in dogs is an important warning that something is not right.

Two of the most common areas of canine physiology that cause halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, come from the mouth, (periodontal,) or the gut, (gastrointestinal tract). We call it doggie-tosis.

Neither of these conditions that cause bad breath indicate a healthy dog. Not a single one.

Beware Covering solutions. Focus on Curing solutions.

Traditionally, most products available are designed as a covering mechanism, like a mint, to try to mask the odor. This covering can be dangerous to your pet’s health as it obscures the real problem. Remember the foul odor is nature’s biological alarm alerting you that something unhealthy is going on either in there (the mouth) or down there (the gut).

Dog Gone Breath is not a covering mechanism, it’s a curative.

Our solution comes from attacking the oral and gastrointestinal root causes of your pet’s doggie-tosis with chewable tablets or powder that are all natural and curative by bio-targeting the issues, thus potentially eliminating the need for a visit to your vet.

Dog Gone Breath promotes health and happiness in your dog.

It is easy to see that dogs suffer emotionally when you push them away because of their bad breath.

To help eliminate your pet’s doggie-tosis and to begin giving your dog a healthier mouth and gut, click below. Your delivery of chewable tablets or powder will be on the way to help get your dog back to the sweet smell of puppy breath and to consummate that loving relationship between your family and your dog. By the time you finish your first container, you will never want your best friend to be without Dog Gone Breath.

About Dog Gone Breath

Since I can distinctly remember, my beautiful family consisted of at least five members. Myself, my mom and dad, my brother, Jason, and our sweet girl, our Golden Retriever, Lucy. Soon after, we became a family of six, adding our precious, Chaya. Then, we became seven, with my new loving addition, Skyy. Next, nine with Rocky and Isabelle, and afterwards, ten with Hank. Fast forward to present-day, we are sadly short a few of our babies, but still a strong gang of love, now including babies Bodey and Hugo. No matter how large our family has gotten, there has seemed to be a consistent odor lingering under our noses. Not a pleasant one, might I add. Each of our furry babies, unique with their own aromas, has definitely suffered from what we call, “doggie-tosis”, or stinky, foul-smelling breath!

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