Your Dog Needs Fresh Breath!

If you’re a dog lover like me, then you’ve probably smelled your fair share of funky dog breath. It could be something you’ve laughed about as you’ve pushed your furry friend away, but a dog’s bad breath shouldn’t just be laughed at or ignored, because it could actually signal a health problem!

Ensuring that your dog has good breath means that some of the most common maladies and diseases afflicting dogs are kept at bay, subsequently increasing the chances of your dog living a long, healthy and happy life!

That’s why our team at created a series of products that focus on good oral hygiene, and healing unbalanced gut flora for dogs—they contain numerous healthy ingredients to fix bad breath and increase the chances of our healthy dogs staying in our lives a lot longer. Consider the following reasons your dogs need good breath, and as I know we all love our furry babies, you’ll soon see why good breath is important for a long life for them:

1. Gum Disease

Dogs today are much more susceptible to gum diseases and other dental hygiene issues. This is primarily because much of the dog food manufactured today contains a lot of sugar and acid. Feeding them a healthy diet made with good ingredients is important.

2. Kidney Disease

Bad breath in dogs could also be a sign of kidney disease. This is a dangerous condition that you definitely don’t want your dog to have.

3. Consumption of Toxic Substances

Okay, we all know that dogs unfortunately sometimes munch on their poop, and while this might certainly give your dog bad breath, it isn’t necessarily dangerous. However, if they’re eating poop, what else might they be eating? Consumption of toxic substances can lead to bad breath, and possibly some health problems.

4. Diabetes

A dog that develops diabetes can have an unusually sweet bad breath.

5. Liver Problems

If your dog has bad breath and also has symptoms of vomiting and a loss of appetite, it could signal liver disease.

A healthy diet and good care go a long way towards ensuring that you have healthy dogs. And because I know we love them very much, wanted to develop products that dogs will love, as well as products that will cure bad breath and provide your dog with important health benefits for their immune system. Our chewable tablets and powders contain healthy ingredients that include: parsley powder, turmeric powder, carrot powder, coconut oil powder, peppermint leaf and more. So let’s get rid of our dog’s stinky breath and help them live a healthier life!

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Limited Time: 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER

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