Want To Become A Healthier and Happier Human?

When life gets hectic, it’s easy to forget about your health. Fortunately, making your health a priority is easier when you have a furry companion by your side. Their mere presence can be a reminder to slow it down a little and rest, but on the flip side, they can also help you be more active. Here are some tips to involve your pet in the quest for improved health and well-being.

1. Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up!

Having a furry loved on in your life definitely has a calming effect on people. Just taking the time to sit down and pet them can drastically reduce your stress levels, and it can even lower your blood pressure! Spend at least ten uninterrupted minutes of cuddle time with your furry baby every day, and you’ll certainly begin to notice a difference in how calm you feel.

2. Good Morning, Sunshine!

You already feed your dog every morning, but it is so important that you eat as well. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are more likely to be at a healthy weight. If you’re not hungry for a full meal this early, you can start with a small snack, such as a banana and yogurt.

3. It’s A Beautiful World, So Get Outside

Your doggie can’t wait to go outside with you. Fresh air and exercise are great for your health, and when your dog comes along, the exercise doesn’t even feel like hard work. Going for a walk or run with your furry baby can help you shed unwanted pounds, AND improve your mood at the same time. Therefore, you should go outside to play as often as possible.

4. Bon Appetit

This is one area where your dog should NOT be your example. Dogs inhale their food as soon as you put their bowl down. To make sure you don’t overeat, it’s recommended  to savor your food, whether you’re eating a full meal or having a little snack. Chew slowly, and really taste what you’re eating. This can help make smaller portions go a long way, too.

5. Quench Your Thirst

If you enjoy soda, juice, alcoholic drinks, or other beverages besides water, you may be taking in more calories than you think. Water is not only good for your dog. It’s great for you, too. When you give your dog fresh water, you can use that as a reminder to have some water yourself.

Dog owners are happier and healthier people than their dog-less peers. Many of the things you do as a dog owner, including going outside and cuddling with your furry one, have positive effects on your overall health.

Jenna Fishoff

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