As doggy parents, there is no question that we are experts when it comes to cuddles, scratches behind the ears, tummy rubs, and a bit of the loving baby-talk as we tell our furry children how adorable they are, and how much we love them. We all know our doggy’s are just all around, pure, unconditionally loving animals.

When we walk in the front door after a long days work, we look forward to the first sight of our sweet friends, right? We expect them to jump on us with all their might, lick us furiously, and pant in excitement as they look up at us with hearts in their eyes! Maybe a quick roll onto their back, while wiggling their body side to side. There is truly no love quite like puppy-love.

But have you ever thought about why dogs love to lick? In general, most animals do not lick and drool quite like our doggies do. Dog licks are most often expressed in moments of excitement for them. We often think of them as “kisses” and acts of love. But are they always kisses, or are they licking out of pure nature, too?

1.Dogs actually start licking straight out of the womb!

The licking behavior pretty much begins right as they exit out of the womb for these little pups. Right away, mama dog is licking her pups to stimulate breathing, bowel movements, and it is also how she cleans them! Not only that, but as infants, puppies actually use licking to let their mama’s know they are hungry. So as the pup becomes an adult, that same act of licking is done to their owner. That act of licking their mother, is transferred to you! So how cute is that- your furry baby is licking you because you are essentially, his or her mother!

2. Licking doesn’t always mean kisses!

This one’s pretty obvious, but sometimes our furry baby’s are licking us for flavor! Sometimes the only reason our friend may be “kissing” us is because there is a smell on your skin they like or are curious about, such as sweat (salt), maybe a scent of food, or a lotion was applied.

3. It’s a dog lick dog world…

Did you know that sometimes the act of one dog licking another is not just about love and kisses? Often times, dogs lick other dogs to indicate that they are dominant. The kisser is higher up on the totem pole, than the kiss-ee. But yes, it can also be an act of love!

4. Yes, often times it is in fact LOVE.

I do believe most of the time our babies lick us out of pure love and excitement. They are excited to see us, or excited for whatever task is at hand – such going to the dog park, playing, or going for a walk. Sometimes they can even tell when we are sad or hurt, hence licking us when we’re upset or sobbing. These animals are straight from heaven.

Dog’s can lick for any reason they want, but inevitably one of these 4 reasons are the cause – Nature, Flavor, Dominance, or Love!

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