While we are devoted and loving dog parents and lovers, there are some random facts we may be missing about our furry baby’s mouth and teeth! It is important to understand the dynamic of our their mouth, even down to the most simple things. From teeth to saliva, our dog’s mouths are much more intricate than we may know – which is why keeping their mouths healthy is so vital!

Your furry friend’s teeth and saliva have so much more to do with their breath than we realize. This, of course, leads to a healthy mouth, and a healthy gut – and who doesn’t want their best friend to live 2-5 years longer simply by taking the proper steps?

Dog Mouth Facts

  • We all know that yes, dogs can drool quite a bit! However, it’s not all due to the aromas of delicious food swirling around the house, or the fact that you are dangling a treat over their heads! Instead, compared the the 9,000 taste buds humans have, dogs only have 1,700 taste buds!
  • Did you know that most people who are allergic to the hair, or dander, of pets, are often times, actually allergic to the saliva on their fur? From grooming themselves, the proteins within the saliva become attached to the skin, and are airborne!
  • Puppies originally have 28 baby teeth, which they lose at about 4-5 months of age. They will then have 42 teeth as adults – humans only have 32.

If not properly cleaned and taken care of, your dog’s mouth, teeth, and breath can cause severe health problems! This could be periodontal disease (of the mouth and gums) or gastrointestinal tract problems (an unbalanced gut and tummy problems)!

Cleaning your furry friends teeth can be done once a year professionally by a vet, or on occasion, every few months by you! Head to the local pet store and get yourself a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste, and get to work. And all in between you should be feeding your pup with the best foods, and the best anti-doggie-tosis products available, such as Dog Gone Breath!

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