Maybe you were curious, maybe you weren’t – but we are! Obviously, the physiology of our furry friends is quite different than us mere humans. We unquestionably love and adore our sweet animals for all eternity, but we should certainly learn the specific characteristics about their bodies that make them so special. One unique and important characteristic of our furry friends is their saliva, and, interestingly enough, how pivotal of a job their saliva plays in their health.

Canine Cavities

Ever wonder why your pup’s cavities are few and far between? And that is, if they ever appear at all. On the flip side, after we brush our teeth daily, or even multiple times a day, human cavities take anywhere from a few months or a few years a to form completely. According to research, human saliva has a pH level of 6.5 – 7, but canine saliva is faintly more alkaline, with a 7.5 – 8 pH level. So what does this mean? Well, that slight, but significant difference in alkalinity, acts as a shield from the acid-producing bacteria that typically causes enamel erosion. In other words – dog saliva protects from cavities much more effectively than ours!


We’ve been told all of our lives that the reason we have saliva, is because it is a pertinent part of digestion, right? Well, dogs don’t have quite the same purpose for their saliva. In fact, their saliva is not meant at all to break down food before it reaches the stomach. Technically, dogs don’t really need to chew their food at all. Their saliva is meant solely ease the food down the esophagus and into the stomach, where all the digestive action really begins! A dog’s stomach and intestine generates the heavy duty work necessary for all their digestive needs.

The Problem

Despite the incredible cavity-preventing characteristics, if the saliva sits on your furry baby’s teeth for too long, it can cause plaque, and plaque traps in all that nasty, bad bacteria. If not taken care of properly, through periodical brushing, or teeth cleaning products, this can cause periodontal disease, and the destruction of pertinent bone structure of the teeth – which in turn, can cause that foul, stinky breath some of you may know.

The Solution

So of course, we suggest taking your furry baby to the Vet to get a professional cleaning at least once or twice a year. Having treats that focus on balancing gut flora and healing infected, decaying gums are highly suggested all the meanwhile! Check out our products for this part- you won’t regret it!

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