As we well know, dogs are very social animals – with people, as well as with other dogs. Dogs are emotional animals who thoroughly enjoy socializing and companionship. So naturally, there are quite a few reasons that adding another furry friend into your family would not only benefit you, but would also benefit your lone pup.

1. Companionship

Of course, this one is fairly obvious! Our fur friends crave interaction and love, and while they love their parents (that being you), they also need companionship of a like-animal. Another doggy friend they can now play with, cuddle with, fight with, and go on walks with.

For us humans, having more than one pup has many advantages! Like double the happiness and joy, entertainment for hours on end, and double the cuddles. Humans are naturally social animals as well, so having double the companionship for yourself- having another animal to empty your love into and earnestly care for. Pure bliss!

2. Dogs are Pack Animals

Sure, our pups are not wolves – our babies are loving and domesticated! However, that innate nature to run and bond with other animals still lies strong within them. At this point, your lone doggie has probably considered you to be their pack member, but unfortunately, you are not always present – as we constantly need to leave the house for work, school, dinner, shopping, vacation, etc. Also, you’re not naturally a dog, are you? Having another dog for your lone furry baby will give them their natural “pack” instincts back. Another animal to bond with at all times, run around and face their doggie-world with! No more separation anxiety when you leave the house – we hope!

3. Plenty of Exercise

Your furry baby can only do so much when it comes to playing and exercise alone. They probably play with you, your kids, plays with their toys, and go on walks/runs with you. However, there is nothing quite like another one of Fido’s kind to really provide that necessary exercise and entertainment our baby’s need. With another friend, your pup gets to run around with another dog, playing, chasing, fighting, wrestling, etc. This type of fun with other doggie friends involved just can’t be replaced!


All in all, there are many reasons why you should certainly consider having two dogs instead of one. Shoot! You could even get more if you really wanted to! Guaranteed, your pup needs another friend to truly complete their pack and their canine needs!

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