The Beginning Of Dog Gone Breath

Since I can distinctly remember, my beautiful family consisted of at least five members. Myself, my mom and dad, my brother, Jason, and our sweet girl, our Golden Retriever, Lucy. Soon after, we became a family of six, adding our precious, Chaya. Then, we became seven, with my new loving addition, Skyy. Next, nine with Rocky and Isabelle, and afterwards, ten with Hank. Fast forward to present-day, we are sadly short a few of our babies, but still a strong gang of love, now including babies Bodey and Hugo. No matter how large our family has gotten, there has seemed to be a consistent odor lingering under our noses. Not a pleasant one, might I add. Each of our furry babies, unique with their own aromas, has definitely suffered from what we call, “doggie-tosis”, or stinky, foul-smelling breath!

Over the years, we tried product after product to try and mask those loving, but awful smelling kisses from our babies. We tried sprays, we tried finger-brushing their teeth, we tried chewables, powders, and the list unfortunately, goes on and on. Nothing worked for any of our dogs, and as time passed we couldn’t imagine why. They definitely weren’t the same dog, they weren’t the same breed, age, size, and yet they still all suffered from the incurable, “doggie-tosis”.

One night, we sat around the table per our usual Sunday family dinner and got to talking. We went back and forth struggling with the idea that there had to be a fix to this issue, and we definitely couldn’t be the only ones with this problem. After a couple weeks of bouncing ideas back and forth with each other, my dad, who had a little extra time on his hands, began to research what may be the root cause of our babies’ stench. Over time, we continued to do more research, and with trial and error, we eventually became a company in 2017. Since then, we successfully launched with our first product in January 2018. Aside from our chewable tablet, we are planning a powder that is expected to come out shortly. Stay tuned for our next chapter, and maybe even new furry babies.

Jenna Ashley Fishoff, 31

Jenna Ashley Fishoff, 31, grew up in a suburban town on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in Westlake Village, CA. She has been working as a third/fourth grade elementary school teacher in South Central, Los Angeles for the past five years. In June 2015, Jenna completed her Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis on Elementary Education in urban settings at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The focus of her Master’s thesis was on building reading comprehension skills in third grade students who were severely below grade level. Since a very young age, she knew her passion was teaching and making a lasting impact on children’s lives academically, socially and mentally. Her philosophy of education and promise as an educator is centered on social justice, and the realization of human potential, and to also instill a motivation and appreciation for learning, and encourage these practices for a lifetime.

Jenna has a knowledge and passion for yoga, mindfulness, and building strong and meaningful relationships with her students. Positive mental and physical health are now significant aspects of her personal life that are integrated into her classroom curriculum in hopes of establishing personal motivation to develop an appreciation and knowledge of a healthy lifestyle.

Another major quality of Jenna’s is her love and dedication to animals. Since she was a young girl, Jenna has had an affinity for all animals, mostly dogs, as those were the only animals allowed in the house! Jenna was raised with Golden Retrievers, and raised her first pup on her own in college, Skyy. She now has two furry sons, who are the loves of her life, named Hank, and her newest rescue, Hugo. Jenna is a loving mommy and has always had a special place in her heart for volunteering at shelters and donating as much as possible.

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